Friday, 19 February 2010

social design presentation

I uploaded the presentation I made last week to the Wednesday club. It was a brief exploration on how I saw social design developing and what were some of the broad issues impacting on design.

It probably isn't the most self explanatory presentation without me waffling through it but the main messages were that all people want to be and can be creative, human networks and relationships are as important as ever, new models of exchange (not only for profit) are emerging and social design ultimately needs to be engaging and fun.


  1. Just remembered something I wanted to ask in relation to this - why are we so obsessed with mobile companionship? What did we do before it existed? Is it that we are terrified of missing something? Why do we need it so much now? Is it that a need has somehow been created that never existed before as a way of getting us to spend money?

  2. I think we always had some form of mobile companionship. Some cities used to have multiple post services a day. So you could arrange your night out with your friend by sending a letter in teh morning and they could respong by mail that afternoon.

    It is probably a double edged sword though. Maybe people tend to mingle/integrate less with strangers because the people they know are always at the end of a text/tweet.

    I suppose I included the notion of mobile companionship to relate technology to a deeper context.

  3. Yes, good point about the postal deliveries. I think the mingle/intergrate thing is interesting too- the tendancy of people nowadays not to talk to people they dont know is a big issue- maybe its something we should address through ThinkArK - an event or project that gets people to talk to each other? National Talk to a Stranger Day?