Thursday, 17 December 2009

ARK Academy

With all the christmas festivities there were a few less of us last night at Cardiff Arts Institute, but the Happy Spaces experiment was a great success. The object workshop worked really well with a bit of visual note taking. I will post a few images on a flickr account in the next few days but for now. Heres two of my favourites.


ARK roll

Friday, 11 December 2009

Academy - 16/12 - What's your happy space?

Next week we are going to be launching the Academy series. The event is all about expanding the sixth project of Happy Spaces. We are hoping as many people as possible come along to help get some concepts for the project.

We need you to bring along an object that you feel represents your happy space or comes from that space. We will be asking people to talk about their happy spaces and what makes it happy.

We will also be filling everyone in on what has happened with ARK since the launch, and the projects that came from it.

Extracting the values from these spaces to try and see what values need to be introduced into a project to make public private semi-private spaces 'happy'.

If you can't make it but feel someone may enjoy the event please pass this information on. We will be at CAI from 7pm next Wednesday so see you there.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

ARK at WonderCulture - Chapter Arts Centre

Half way through WonderCultures Kiosk at Chapter Arts and we have had a great response so far. We have had about two days to organise this and get something reasonable to try and inform people about what we have been getting up to so far, so we have been up against it. Luckily we managed to get something up and running. We carried on the theme from the launch and have brought the cow back for another go. We should be at Chapter next thursday as well so hopefully with an extra week of planning we can do some extra bits for everyone.