Saturday, 31 October 2009

Reading list

This is the start of the reading list from the Launch night mobile library.

blur - stan davis and christopher meyer
brand hijack - alex wipperfürth
citizen designer - steven heller and véronique vienne
cradle to cradle - michael braungart and william mcdonough
do good design - david b. berman
emotionally durable design - jonathan chapman
enough - john naish
in the bubble - john thackara
join me - danny wallace
nudge - thaler & sunstein
radical consumption - jo littler
stumbling on happiness - daniel gilbert
the age of access - jeremy rifkin
the art of looking sideways - alan flectcher
the art of the long view - peter schwartz
the brand gap - marty neumeier
the future of life - edward o. wilson
the ingenuity gap - thomas homer-dixon
the mental world of brands - giep franzen and margot bouwman
the mind map book - tony and barry buzan
the rise of the creative class - richard florida
the selfish gene - richard dawkins
the shock doctrine - naomi klein
the tipping point - malcolm gladwell
the value of things - neil cummings and marysia lewandowska
time to eat the dog? - robert and brenda vale

ARK launch photos

Well it's taken us 12 weeks of planning, meeting, and experimenting but we got round to holding our launch event at University of Glamorgan - ATRiuM building. We have had some great feedback and most importantly a number of projects that we can move forward with. We are going to be working on them over the next few days ready for our regular Wednesday Club which will be at Buffalo bar from 7pm. We also hope to get the book list posted in the next few days. so for those of you who missed our mobile library, it's your chance to to find out what we have been reading.
ARK launch
ARK launchark-launch18

Monday, 19 October 2009

thinkARK launches at the Atrium

thinkARK began just over 10 weeks ago now with 3 people and an idea and now we want to share the idea and we would love you to come along and take part in our first ever micro event. Its kind of an experiment, its definitely fun and hopefully you will want to come back for more!

Anyway if you do here is the invite:

You are invited to an engaging two hours of connecting, agitating, creating, thinking and designing.

Responding to how can we use design thinking to improve Cardiff?
If you could do one thing, What would it be?

Join us at University of Glamorgan’s Atrium building (Cardiff City Centre) between 7pm – 9pm on Wednesday the 28th October.

About ARK
Historically the public has been told to be eco-aware, environmentally friendly, to be sustainable and to reduce, reuse and recycle. This has all been done through advertising and other media channels. The conversation so far has been predominantly one way and we want to make it open to all. ARK wishes to challenge current practices within the industry/design/advertising/community, around eco issues and sustainability. Through engaging with businesses, localised/fluid communities, and closer alliance with institutions of Higher Education. ARK aims to share these tools to achieve small steps for change. Projects will involve the public who wish to actively engage in social design issues and make a difference to their immediate communities.

ARK wishes to thank University of Glamorgan for allowing us to hold our launch event at their Atrium building.We would also like to thank OrangeBox for something very special?? (the first animal to join the ARK!!)And for their continuing support thanks also to attic 2, Ecodesign Centre and Hoffi