Friday, 26 February 2010

Brixton Village Photos

Here are some of my photos from our trip to Brixton. I've just realised that I don't have any photos of the amazing market stalls, which were selling the most incredible assortment of food. These stalls are the life-force of the market, the reason for its existence, and it was interesting to see how the other ventures co-existed with them.

The Taj fabrics shop was home for a project working with recovering drug addicts. They were working with papier-mache, produced from their own shredded medical records.

The Brixton transition towns project offered information about the project for people interested in getting involved, as well as a food-map of the area and a wall on which people could post suggestions about how Brixton could be better. Thanks to Pam and Duncan for taking the time to talk to us.

Thanks to Hannah at the Work Shop for letting us interupt her work and patiently answering all our questions...

Brixton Pound sauce - you can only buy it with Brixton pounds, which caused me a bit of confusion, but I got it in the end (no, I didn't nick it)
Also thanks to Emma in the 'nap' shop, who was actively providing a solution to where people could have 40 winks after lunch.

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  1. wow, the nap shop sounds amazing.