Thursday, 25 February 2010

Assembly train station project

We had our first sessions on this last Wednesday - we just had an open exploration of "accessibility" and how it may relate to the consultation.

One of the issues that became clear for the next stages is the importance of stories (narrative) and how these can provide insights to accessibility issues. They can allow you to explore the problems and issues much more deeply than if you concentrated on technical or architectural solutions.

There can be a tendency to converge on solution or actions to early so hopefully as this design process builds it will shed new and possibly unexpected light on the issue.

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  1. Your mission for ARK should you choose to accept it. Is based around train stations and their accessibility.

    see link for further info

    but we are trying to challenge the word accessibility and broaden it out. To the extent that we looked at what makes something accessible, is it the fact that stations in britain are on the edges of town and so no one really owns it? should they be more social?

    To this extent we wish to investigate peoples experiences of stations, how they find information, how they navigate how they buy tickets there experiences of the whole journey. The idea was then to use a station as some one in particular so for example as a tourist, as an elderly person, or someone with a bike or someone with children. You then document your journey and experience anyway you see fit.