Thursday, 6 May 2010

ARK- Creative Network event at CAI

ARK - creative network
The response was fantastic last night. We had a great turnout considering we only arranged the evening about a week or so ago, and there were some really interesting conversations centered around networks / events / venues in Cardiff and Wales. We are going to be looking at this over the next few weeks and coming to some insights to be able to take the project forward. For the first time there also seems to be a number of people that are really interested in being involved and to help out.

Secondly we are also really happy to announce the dates for our empty shops project which will take place from the 2-3 July which is the friday and saturday. So now that you have the dates there is no excuses to get in contact if you feel you want to help out or even put something on during the two days.

ARK-creative networks


  1. Excellent work, Julian. Good to see so many people there willing to collaborate, and get involved. Think it'll be key for our future...


  2. Hi Neil,

    I am glad you could come and contribute, was a very good start just need to keep it going. I must say that the rest of ARK have also been massively helpful in arranging the evening.