Friday, 4 June 2010

A bit more press about the empty shop project

We have been getting into the empty shop project. As there is less than a MONTH to go, that has gone so fast. I personally have to invite the local businesses to a workshop to see if we can use design thinking to increase communities and joint ventures between each other. We also have the performances to arrange and another community project to get our heads around. When you write it all out the list is huge. I know this because this week Laura showed us it and it goes on and on. Having said that we are ticking them off as we go and we are confident of it being alright on the night.

We do still need your help in making the event a success. So if you are able to help us in getting the word out. Or your handy with a saw or screwdriver. Maybe you have an electrical flair we could do with a bit of advice.

Along with this we have also been getting a bit more coverage from The Guardian website and you can see the latest article here. I am quite happy with the photo as normally I blink at exactly the wrong moment. We are going to be keeping you up to date with the project but if you have any particular questions or queries about it or if you want to ask ARK LAB to get in other projects you maybe involved in then please do not hesitate to contacts us, we would be really interested in hearing from you

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