Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Service Design Hub

While I was scanning the web for interesting companies and case studies for ARK I came across this fantastic site called Service Design Hub run by user experience consultant Suze Ingram. The hub is described as "a place to find blogs, articles, papers, books, links and videos about service design."

I was immediately absorbed into the site and particularly liked the interview with Mark Fonteijn from Service Design Agency 31Volts and was intrigued by the 'Pleasant Platforms' project where he says that "one of the most interesting insights was that as long as travelers were not standing still they didn’t consider themselves to be waiting". A statement that felt akin to our thoughts, ideas and approach to on the recent National Assembly railway consultation project. Hopefully we can find out more about this project through 31Volts as it sounds like a great case study.


  1. Lynsey; I've done NO work this morning because i've been checking all those links out!
    There's some terrific stuff there. Thank-you so much. See you later / tomorrow A

  2. Hey Lynsey - glad you like Service Design Hub (www.servicedesignhub.com.au). I started it because I wanted to pull together SD resources that I find interesting. As you point out, I've also started interviewing some great service designers.
    Thanks for mentioning me and Service Design Hub :)