Saturday, 27 March 2010

Closing off the Railway Project

Next Wednesday (31st of March) ARK will be closing off its National Assembly railway consultation project with a few design challenges. We have picked 6 different design themes coming from the last two Wednesday club discussions to help us propose some creative and unexpected solutions (please see below). We will include the outcomes of these design challenges in the consultation document we send to the Assembly on the 1st of April. Come along get involved and get creative.
  • "People based solutions" are non-technical solutions to accessibility problems
  • "Coldness!!" are any solutions that make stations more welcoming and inviting
  • "Levels of information" are all solutions related to communication
  • "Fun theory" is fun theory
  • "Colour coding" are all solutions related to the use of colour
  • "Experience journeys" are all solutions that bring people back to the railways for more than commuting"

Hope to see you at Cardiff Arts Institute from around 7pm.

ARK team

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