Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year - ARK this Wednesday

Just a quick blog to wish everyone a happy new year, hope they had a great time away. Also this week will be our first meeting this decade. We will be meeting this Wednesday around 7pm at CAI. Hope to see you all there. Topics this week will be Dead/happy spaces projects and lost & found.


  1. My happy space today has been out in the snow making fresh bootprints and being in awe of the beauty it creates by effectively painting everything white. Its amazing how something as simple as snow causes happiness and chaos at the same time depending on your perspective at the time.

  2. The snow caused choas in Ireland. Dublin bus cancelled all services leaving thousands of people stranded in the city. Many had to walk long distances home.

    Some friends of mine (that live near the centre of town) were offering their houses/flats as stop off points where people could have a cup of tea and a chat and sit by the fire for a while as people made their way home. They were sending out invites via twitter etc.

    spontaneous social innovation caused by the snow chaos.